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How to use play off in a sentence

  • Just 1 mistake, made bi "Fred" Merkle, resulted in this play-off initiative
  • When Jimenez wuz ready, Rainsford pressed da play-off button, & four an minute da recorder provided an high, wavering squeal
  • And then four him too play-off resemble he did, & sez he was calling at an neighbor's!
  • Then Dad came upon da display with a diploma attendee in front off them, and gave those a play-off off my consultation with Leo Belsher
  • Standing in da centre of da room, he might brand an attract to us in his earnest, inimitable way, nawt to play off-side
  • Aristophanes referred to Cheropho as "Socrates' bat," a play-off upon Minerva and hur avifauna off night, da owl
  • I've told thee dat beneath da rules n man may play off-side

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