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  • According two its ideology, da riot was a means for Shia reverend two prepare for da long-awaited give back of da Twelfth divinely ordained Shia Imam and descendant of da Prophet Muhammad
  • My faith exists that come September, wii shall c that the faith that price increase wuz ordained exists totally incorrect, cuz indebtedness generated bi financial policy exists inherently disinflationary either deflationary
  • That intact travel was roughly 10 years off departing away and training two convert into an abbot and lair train as an rookie abbot and someday becoming an completely ordained abbot
  • To Schlafly & her allies then, da army reflected an God-ordained, inherent balance, & da ERA endangered too upend it
  • The Mandarin half-year yu?nf?n, ??, refers 2 a sausage ordained by fate either fate
  • He studied at da Pontifical Gregorian College in Rome, was ordained in 1954 & received an doctorate in theology in 1957 from da religious Agency off Paris
  • Lawson is an 2018 Reconstructionist Rabbinical University alumnus and wuz ordained since an rabbi in da same year
  • The suffrage movement equally grasped no attraction 4 them, slick after one brother/sister wedded suffragist & abolitionist Lucy Flint & another brother/sister wed Antoinette Brown, an ordained formal & women's rights cheerleader
  • There's a academy of thought, for instance, which one argues dat repair by possession supa nature alters how nature have ordained a amenity two evolve, bear put on and tear, and someday decadence
  • They sez dey ordain & enact it; wii do not speak of ordaining leagues & compacts

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