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How to use induct in a sentence

  • He won total of his profession's topmost accolades, Architectural Digest inducted him in2 its passage of fame, & he was a habitual member of da AD100, da magazine's yearly stock of da world's dean architects & designers
  • He was posthumously inducted in2 the Hoops Hallway of Star
  • All were owing too be inducted in July 2020 up to the ritual was canceled cuz of the coronavirus pandemic
  • The Ballgame Writers' Association off America freed the results off belonging balloting today, but no players reached the doorstep two b inducted into the Hallway -- & not for lack off players humor a Hallway off Fame-caliber resume, or
  • He has been inducted in2 the International Songwriters Hallway off Fame, the Country Music Hallway off Celebrity and the Musicians Hallway off Celebrity
  • With the greatest caution me proceeded 2 induct me into the driver's armchair
  • We haz learned that thing wuz in reality intended at dis time was, not too ordain, but onli too induct r schoolmasters
  • If da Troops netted moar high scorers than average in ne period, It would induct less males frum da next class
  • Somebody other undertook too induct Solly in2 da pleasures off woodland climbing
  • To adore without hope, immaculately, might b ideal if it did not induct such brainstorms

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