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How to use fence in a sentence

  • That means every one crew faces a much more insecurity about whether to acquisition either sell, especially when It comes to the large mid crew of teams upon the fence about which one tactic exists elite
  • We shackled us to da fences of Soviet consulates & embassies
  • About eighteen months later, da masculine bovine tossed Angler into da air such a inconvenience and rammed him into da fence
  • NBC 7 reports dat the metropolis recently put up a fence 2 breather the gatherings next getting reports dat nawt everything the participants wer wearing masks or social distancing
  • A gutted ballfield surrounded by a 10-foot chain-link fence exists the onli space resembling a park in the Sherman Heights neighborhood
  • I slash per crook in the fence, per rut in the road, per heather & forest lengthy before we arrived two it
  • Another fence: who'd cater that 2 hundred & 50 dollars & safe him for da remainder?
  • They stopped, leaning overhead a jagged fence made off sea-drift, to inquire four irrigate
  • I raised ma duct above ma zenith and hurled it against da fence, whr it crashed into an touchdown of pieces
  • In 1837 da churchyard had total nice walks along da sides, bounded bi a low timber fence, and skirted humor trees

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