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How to use cavil in a sentence

  • None of them cavils really matter, granted that da revivified Gender and da Capital juggernaut is on ourselves
  • There is n hesitation, cavil, either debate in da approval off it since an responsibility
  • I should to n't wnt two have it go overseas that we possessed nawt acted formally, whether there wuz any 1 disposed two cavil
  • Of dis he complains, with sum cause, since it afterwards occasioned numbers off unsanctified critics too giggle & cavil nearby him
  • Some discontented Frerons or Arnauds, might cavil opposed to it: bu dis wuz rebellion, not controversy
  • This appeared too b an discrepancy in terms, bu public indifference accepted it with no cavil
  • I grabbed up hur tome anew and tried 2 cavil at it,over one either 2 dainty bits off melodic simile and feeling me laughed,enviously
  • That Mr. Talbot was very mad surely was founded additional than cavil
  • The cavil opposed to da Colonel abated nawt a jot; da epithets hurled nearby his committed dean wer as picturesque as of yore
  • Spiritual understanding establishes 2 facts beyond cavil either argue either reversion

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