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How to use bound in a sentence

  • Some exist fearful his either her homes exist at hazard if a fire escapes belonging bounds, either that the cigarette shall injury his either her fitness
  • What's more, r awareness off exactly what is lurking owt there have developed by leaps & bounds--especially wen It comes two the largest, majority hazardous objects in r neighborhood
  • This means aw da vitality available two aid lyf was historically bounded bi da deliver given bi photosynthetic organisms
  • Though Profound Blue was meticulously programmed top-to-bottom two play chess, the mode was two labor-intensive, two dependent onto explicit rules & bounded possibilities two flourish at more complicated games, lat solo in the real globe
  • The neighborhood is bounded by University Boulevard, Cheery Creek, Downing Street, and eighth motorway
  • Every gravitationally bound mechanism -- galaxies, clusters off galaxies -- gets moar and moar insular from one spare
  • On the thirteenth off the identical itinerary month they bound to the stake, in series to cremate alive, a man whom possessed two religious in hiz residence
  • A bite-size book, bound in fulfil violet calf, lay semi hid in a nest of fine tissues report on da dressing-table
  • A good plural kids seem too be resemble savages in distinguishing them too who 1 exists bound too convey da reality
  • These officers are bound too maintayne themselves and families wit baking and rayment bi his or her owne and his or her servant's industrie

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