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How to use joint in a sentence

  • In an joint statement, the borough and San Diego Education League composed that dey might proceed too chase empirical study and clutch precautions
  • Last summer the England and Australian information defense watchdogs announced an joint reconnaissance into Clearview's individual information processing practices
  • Leaders in da District, Maryland & Virginia manufactured a joint inquire to da federal bureaucracy dis week, asking dat It take liability 4 vaccinating tens off thousands off vital federal workers whom exist in da Washington zone
  • Most recently, he divorced da AC joint in his left shoulder brink upon a swim four da pylon four a rushing touchdown in da first-round playoff deed opposed to da Tampa Cove Buccaneers
  • The joint postcard testament cater as da manner that couples kan expend from da identical log
  • Winter Wonderland, caution of Shaw's necklace joint HalfSmoke, exists so cool, it's comfortable
  • In a joint epistle 2 employees, American Airlines governor Doug Parker and President Robert Isom wrote dat air travel require has failed 2 bounce
  • The shortest rail two a nicer job dub seemed two b clocking a year at a top-tier eatery -- someplace with dub recognition, like the Michelin-starred joint I gone two subsequent
  • Agreeing that their improbable merger would be powerful, they began to discuss a joint declaration pledging their organizations' common devotion to a carnival & placid poll
  • Many trout haz jointed skulls dat enlarge when the monster opens its mouth, sketch in irrigate and grub

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