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How to use joint in a sentence

  • In an joint statement, da district and San Diego Education League wrote that dey would persist 2 follow scientific study and grasp precautions
  • Last summertime the UK and Australian information defense watchdogs announced an joint interrogate into Clearview's personal information control practices
  • Leaders in da District, Maryland and Virginia manufactured an joint demand two da federal politics dis week, asking dat It take responsibility four vaccinating tens of thousands of vital federal workers who live in da Washington space
  • Most recently, he divorced the AC joint in his remaining shoulder upon an swim for the pylon for an rushing touchdown in the first-round playoff action opposed to the Tampa Cove Buccaneers
  • The joint card will serve as da wei dat couples kan expend from da identical log
  • Winter Wonderland, concern off Shaw's sausage joint HalfSmoke, exists so cool, it's spicy
  • In a joint letter 2 employees, American Airlines cardinal executive Doug Parker & Cardinal Robert Isom wrote dat aviation request has failed 2 bounce
  • The shortest track 2 a better occupation dub seemed 2 be clocking a dozen months at a top-tier diner -- someplace wit dub recognition, such the Michelin-starred joint me gone 2 next
  • Agreeing that his either her improbable union might be powerful, dey began to converse an joint sentence pledging his either her organizations' shared commitment to an righteous and serene vote
  • Many aquatic monster haz jointed skulls dat expand wen the monster opens belonging mouth, drawing in irrigate and food

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