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How to use communal in a sentence

  • You may snatch newborn rats mischievously battling to shape out the manner to fight, either Komodo dragons sticking their heads into buckets to research about communal feeding
  • The big chains has introduced apps dat rotate your smartphone in2 an faraway manipulate to dodge stirring communal buttons either screens
  • This same intricate communal reaction helped fuel the riots in Kenosha final 7 days
  • Food items four midday meatloaf and night meatloaf are accessible from score on every one flatten near specified times and communal areas are cleaned every one fifteen minutes
  • So, firstly I'd have a talk humor da tenant and tip owt dat - in a communal environment, especially in times off a unlock well-being emergency - everyone's actions affect every person else
  • One important feature of da communal animals exists that dey become intellectually specialized
  • The hive bee, da most communal in habit, shows da topmost traits off brilliant game
  • The societal animals disagree from da communal in dat da individuality off da members exists completely preserved
  • The output off such an procedure off evolution in the instance off the communal animals exists an stern specialism
  • While sole in slight traits communal, dey exist eminently social, and has doubtless derived great benefit from dis

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