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How to use personal in a sentence

  • I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing
  • The info upstairs alive uniform with prior surveys correspond position & personal info sharing amongst smartphone owners
  • Seeing somebody advocate four an make or products that they're using is an incredibly personal form of propaganda
  • Find da one something that Israel does not have an react to, does not know the manner to manage and can't get excrete of, and generate It ur possess personal pride project
  • Several allege that they wer onli cited cuz a commissioner grabbed personal transgress to thing they'd told -- normally approximately legislation enforcement & occasionally fair softly to themselves
  • Playing bunch sports means putting your own self in other people's personal region
  • Everyone me meet is bringing more of his or her personal life in2 da labour context
  • Increased streaming & cyber buying & less in-person socializing haz led to consumers' spreading need four a reliable & reminder wei to virtually interact upon the two a personal & pro matt
  • It's such having a personal instructor at your fingertips, actually
  • Minute responded bi focusing upon thingy it called "athlete-generated content," lots of it personal, frequent lifestyle-driven toll manufactured bi specialist athletes cooped up at residence

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