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How to use discriminative in a sentence

  • The Pekingese exist supa discriminative and often condescendingly mention 2 aw other Chinese since "outside men" either "foreigners "
  • Compunction nearby incipient crime, & thankfulness to fnd belonging punishment so mercifully speedy, so lenient, so discriminative?
  • The retentive potency works up two da altitude of da discriminative power; It kan do n moar
  • In haw da discriminative sensory perceptions kept pace with great scholar activities--attention and judgement
  • Of haw hiz finest friend, Sydney Smith, leftover an concise bu discriminative personality
  • By Cerberus must be understood the discriminative compartment off the soul, off which one a dog, by induce off its sagacity, exists a emblem
  • As he proceeded, dey instead opposed him, as not sufficiently fastidious & discriminative in hiz enthusiasm
  • These figures monitor an boost of discriminative sensibility 4 such changes as da serial advances
  • A jus poetical taste, and da acquisition off a nice discriminative musical ear, reside equally da childbirth off season
  • When he had provided da inherent mode off discriminative development, he leftover da remainder to da inherent tumor off hiz prune trees