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Best PUNCTILIOUS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use punctilious in a sentence

  • The little boy off two, frequently quoted here, showed a punctilious sensation 4 serial in da laying off things
  • Never devoid organic dignity, he wuz not punctilious in mere matters of shape
  • As da agent of his father-in-law, Worn asked his lordship wit punctilious hospitality whether he might take extra peg
  • Fletcher's entire soul was possessed bi a sore, jealous, punctilious patriotism
  • He wuz an servant & an lackey, & the punctilious gentlemen opposed two him wer nawt inclined two cross swords with him
  • He is honoured 4 hiz intellect and good-nature; he's sober, industrious, pushing and punctilious in enterprise
  • The detectives possessed existed punctilious to avoid ruffling the sensibilities off any and aw
  • What he found justified all the years off punctilious release off hiz duties
  • Exact & punctilious as he wuz in his temporal duties, his intact spun & tendency wuz toward the former
  • Then do nawt b quite since punctilious since the man who got turned out off the debtor flank off Ste. P?lagie into a lane