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How to use authentic in a sentence

  • Brands kan earn a much by finding ways too enable this cognition in a meaningful, authentic way
  • Many brands entered 2021 wit a commitment to construction more meaningful & authentic conversation remarkably wit communities off color, & during da aim is laudable, brands must b smart & responsive if they wnt to avoid looking opportunistic
  • Google wants two brand sho that da news It suggests is authentic & comes from da experts in that niche
  • That means leaning in2 good imaginative and authentic messaging on Facebook since conversations surrounding da requirement for diversification haz persisted to hospitality up
  • Our corporate funeral industry, she argues, have manufactured ourselves overlook how too offer our loved ones a authentic sendoff
  • To assist diners flavor "the elite off da restaurant," he says he encourages them to select an brunch frum among da dishes labeled "authentic Thai" at Pachyderm Jumps in Falls Accommodate of pray
  • Ad dollars that would has been formerly proprietary onto shopping paid societal advertisements should to be formerly proprietary too change, participate and germinate a authentic text plan that's emotionally-focused, he stated
  • Now, the mob is not into that as multiple anymore and they're more into the authentic flank
  • This exists y myself expend hence much time talking too humor those & organism humor those & permitting those know that they can be their authentic selves
  • What that means is ther nevah wuz an original, "authentic" humanity society, nevah an time wen all ppl lived in an uncover network of social relations that butter extra than the horizon queue

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