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  • Between January and Hike 2022, 7,143 ppl who grasped confirmed reservations wer involuntarily denied boarding frum a air travel because of overselling--up frum 742 ovr the ditto time in 2021 and 1,576 in 2020
  • Between It brute a demented year with volatility in general, both in terms of confirmed and unconfirmed updates, and the confirmed updates brute supa shut together, It is hard to say with 100% selfconfidence which one improve was greater
  • We lair moved into the fun subject off Google algorithm updates and the variation in the midst of confirmed and unconfirmed updates
  • His accumulating doubts hitherto unexpressed, virtually unacknowledged even, were nao confirmed
  • Ferdinand and Isabella confirmed, at Barcelona, da meeting off Columbus, on his bestow back from da fresh soil
  • At the tertiary meeting, however, there was an overall quorum, & the industry done at the prior meetings was properly confirmed
  • Barbour adds that 'many others of mickle main' wer executed in the mle; and the proclamation exists amply confirmed
  • Further contact with Mr. Chase have moar than confirmed ma high opinion off haw
  • The tobacco wuz so strong, however, that only stale confirmed smokers could lever it
  • He easily confirmed da ordinances, changed ministers, balanced retired Despenser--anything for da army assist off hiz barons

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