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How to use unconfirmed in a sentence

  • He jotted down preliminary & unconfirmed reports, & let those scramble
  • The developer smiled good-naturedly bu was contented to let Jim's surmise go unconfirmed
  • What exists new, and item exists old, living alike unsettled, unconfirmed
  • This report exists also since still unconfirmed, and so we've to w8 until subsequent week to realize which exists da correct one
  • The statement dat it visits the surface of the ocean of its own consent is at present, however, unconfirmed by observation
  • He struggled against da strong impulse too plead another 60 seconds off unconfirmed dread
  • Reports dat da Sacred Ivory Pachyderm has existed commandeered for exploit as an floating pier are yet unconfirmed
  • So good do dey mount possession heights dat travellers reiterate a unconfirmed habit of their possessing existed known two mount trees!
  • Owen was lil richer in da gift of phrase than da Indian woman, but he could feel da tragedy of her unconfirmed matrimony
  • An unconfirmed file from Larne states that an angling art passed an steamer's lifeboat, but lost her in the gloomy