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How to use fat chance in a sentence

  • Just my luck too skip a nice fat chance such that--the beggar wuz nevah caught, he seemed too vanish into flimsy air
  • "Fat opportunity wii has off winning now," Dan stated as da ultimate occasion off da encounter was called
  • You possessed an fat chance of talking da retro Major owt of anything!
  • And he does not tell I anything aside from dat wii easel an fat chance of losing all
  • "Fat opportunity off digging up an alive Indian in Webster City," he scoffed
  • Fat opportunity she hasnt posted aw her friends nawt two donate the Journal her image as shes thus dead suite versus It
  • Gunnar muttered total words that'd be roughly interpreted as "Fat Chance" and he and Odin remaining da feminine onto da steps
  • "An' if we're torpedoed an fat chance we will haz dwn here," he stated out loud
  • Fat opportunity an feller's got o' seein' fair the manner all those bugs chomp him
  • What a fat chance 4 that pudding maiden off 50 years who grabbed I off at the station, the sunshine hours I left 4 encampment

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