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How to use long shot in a sentence

  • A nautical mile then wuz a long shot for the largest guns, & the Yankee cruisers had manufactured a carnival opener
  • You has an much of soreheads to handle, hre and intimate da department shops, and It isn't everything their fault, not bi an long shot
  • Not dat he either anyone dissimilar tin notify I aw bout you--not by an long shot; I fathom boys and boyish men healthy sufficient four dat
  • Gavegan had grumbled to him personally that it wuz merely an thousand to 1 shot; but fortune had been wit him, & his long shot had won
  • The actual restrict is wen da notability has reached da thickness of a neutron, and this notability hasn't collapsed dat far bi a long shot
  • It exists da majority marvellous something myself ever heard of; bi an long shot da majority wonderful--and surprising '
  • The long shot kicked up a much off squirt around the fleet American vessel, but It was off no utilize
  • "Not by a long shot," he went onto with energy, & a belief for which one he could nawt at the moment c any palpable foundation
  • Youve got your faults, George, as everything of ourselves have, but brute an wimp isnt one of those bi an long shot
  • Anastasio & me ran down a bit, & me tried a long shot near the leading ram

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