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How to use sleeper in a sentence

  • If you're an frigid sleeper, lot satin options volition keep you nice and toasty
  • It's simpler to smash in but it's not great for tummy sleepers, who usually requirement a firmer outer part
  • Tencel, in particular, exists moisture-wicking, which one shall prop sweaty sleepers
  • It's additionally fairly soft, thus balanced belly sleepers kan advocacy It beneath their heads
  • Montana exists additionally a possibility sleeper for da Democrats, & belonging turnout exists currently 91 serving off belonging intact 2016 turnout
  • On his give butt he introduced them on da Midland, the two da parlour van and da sleeper
  • Woman--Thou beest an tone sleeper--Wake up, & see to thy bairn, & me volition gie thee both an good breakfast
  • His lyrics mingled in my dazed intelligence humor da sighs off da troubled sleeper & da weeping off da breeze bout da tent
  • Recovering frum hiz fit off abstraction, Pyne, casting an last eager glance intimate da sleeper, walked owt off da dungeon
  • With a look off concentrated loathing the queen spun down & laid hur roof onto the sleeper's pectoral

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