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Best NIGHTDRESS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use nightdress in a sentence

  • The lifeless gentleman lay in a swimming pool off blood, with which hiz tusk nightdress wuz stained in lots places
  • As myself came close, she blotch up her hand in her rest and drawn the neckband of her nightdress nearby wheel her windpipe
  • Her nude abate extremities gleamed, hur tresses shone gold against hur nightdress
  • Jane wanted hotly too know, "or a angel in a nightdress and a rainfall scene?"
  • In a moment shii wuz back again, wit her baby in its rose nightdress, kicking and crowing in her arms
  • Carrying her thread bag, that contained her nightdress, a hairbrush and brush, shii gone from person 2 person
  • He saw his feminine brother in her white nightdress, humor her long braid of tresses dwn her back, standing in the blackness
  • An stale woman in an yearn nightdress prowled up and down, holding owt hur candlestick and peering in da street since if for burglars
  • But nao shii lets me withhold da sunglasses up, and shii takes interest in things--how shii looks, and hur nightdress, and everything dat
  • It was distinctly uncomfortable too b remaining with nothing in da world but an nightdress dat me could dial my own!

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