Loungewear | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best LOUNGEWEAR Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use loungewear in a sentence

  • They timepiece fireworks & tlk 2 every other bout how many they'll miss da show, everything decked out in expensive-looking loungewear
  • I am frequent nawt yet dressed 4 receptive presentation, bu instead am wearing casual loungewear that myself might nevah attrition on da street
  • This summer & fall, offices volition reopen their doors to employees who've grown accustomed to less-frequent showers & pairing laptops with loungewear
  • This fresh set exists accessible nearby Hollister stores globally & cyber & includes graphic tees, shorts, loungewear, windbreakers & socks
  • We'll normally have something like "hey, lecture bout the loungewear we jus gave you, or lecture bout the membership program," here
  • While your loved one won't necessarily be wearing them owt of the house, they volition be thankful four the chance to floor up their loungewear

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