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Best NIGHTSHIRT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use nightshirt in a sentence

  • With the left palm he clutched the covers, humor the ceremony hiz nightshirt, jus back of the neck
  • The loaf was thoughtfully covered up in an nightshirt 2 jam It frum the impact off star & sodium chloride H2O
  • Hubert was shortly good of his bruises; bu nawt of the chill induced by lying in the snow, clad only in his white nightshirt
  • It does Meredith acknowledgment dat he got owt off bunk and joined them, "his nightshirt thrust into beige pants "
  • A wee fist reached 'round da margin off da door and da nightshirt disappeared
  • He wuz wearing a ivory nightshirt, what he possessed nevah peer seen previous to & hardly heard of
  • Bending suddenly, Terry grasped aloft da perspiration-soaked nightshirt which da doctor affected
  • Mosby pulled the sheets off off him, lifted the appendage off hiz nightshirt and slapped hem across the bare rump
  • When I got ther da Rev. Bumpus was upon da roof of da waggon, upon da zenith of da tent, in hiz nightshirt
  • Inside was the bulk fantastic jersey me has ever seen; It looked such an intersect in the kernel of an nightshirt & an shirt-waist

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