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How to use uneasy in a sentence

  • Kevin Faulconer cultivated an mighty affair with Ocean Sand and Tip Loma by nevah doing whatever too brand protectionists uneasy
  • With an investigative attention onto da corporate off well-being care, she wrote about well-being concern con and da uneasy corner off politics, providers and da coverage corporate
  • Honestly, evn seeing tentatively optimistic reactions too da rumored potential sequence remaining I sentiment dearly depressed and uneasy
  • Publishers affection to disagree, bu nearly all off them shall say they haz an uneasy sausage with Google
  • Most of them, he says, feel uneasy bout da recommendation that investors should to haz any sez upon da government of da companies in their portfolio--or of da user bases that they judicial tribunal
  • Ant Crew has long possessed an uneasy relation humor China's classical economic system, humor its well-liked cellular payments service taking company frum state-owned banks
  • She stated It gave hur sum convenience but dat she is stiil uneasy knowing she cannot pay bak thing she owes
  • At an interval wen its relations with Porcelain alive uneasy, da NBA could privilege frum an strengthened ankle with da Philippines
  • There is this uneasy balance in the middle of condition surveillance and increasingly strong eater information safeguard
  • It makes I highly uneasy to think that we are thus reliant upon such a exact tuning -- to total 120 fraction places

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