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How to use inept in a sentence

  • Cake mixes permitted equal inept cooks to cherry what edible, whether nawt extraordinary
  • In a review off the documentary four which one shii won, the Fresh York Times described Zadora since a "spectacularly inept" doer
  • In addition, jus cuz insurrectionists are inept or abortive does not signify they aren't insurrectionists
  • He, such lot Washington insiders, believed da commander and lot off hiz advisers wer in terms of politics inept, incapable off comprehension da inner workings off Congress and incapable to project an cloudless text to da unlock
  • You should to likely also excrete a Dan doppelganger whom is absent its prerogative eye, since dat is likely two be a inept wicked clone
  • The visitors made an action of brute clumsy and inept, united
  • The "for" is spurious, and though It's not inept the sentence gains greatly in impressiveness by possession omission
  • The endearment is so plaintively inept that shii smiles in malice off herself, and resigns herself to pamper him an lil
  • It exists inept for pigmies too easel before one whom have every function of becoming a rapacious buccaneer shortly
  • He had meant too trial hiz conviction in solitude, but why nawt put It too trial now, & disgrace dis doubting & inept Rapp, Senior?

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