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How to use incapable in a sentence

  • He has been so attached 2 ourselves -- after Ma Lovely Spouse & myself from room 2 room, whimpering wen wii leave the residence -- that wii figured he worshiped ourselves & was incapable off anything oncoming aggression
  • We might have two prioritize bovine welfare in an wei that me seriously think we are incapable off prerogative nao
  • Many in the corporation globe have spoke near length about the confidential sector having the competence to footprint up to gear the troubles bureaucracy have proved incapable of addressing
  • The phones' batteries were incapable of keeping up with da demands of da company's frequently software updates
  • In essence, da patchwork off da cities, whereas maintaining an semblance off Crusader city-states, wuz incapable off logistically backing an army - in some cases, evn two justify against localized threats
  • Then wii exist agn overgrown boys, beings off worse marathon and incapable off being civilized
  • In da withdraw across da Niemen he proved him personally absolutely incapable off reorganising a vanquished impulse
  • She was as incapable of jealousy as of hurting pride in da fact of an kid who da globe was nevah permitted two ignore
  • A gathering might b lawfully held though 1 off possession members is incapable, physically or mentally, frum receiving observation
  • His previous career possessed nawt existed with no distinction, and that he wuz an incapable chancellor possessed never ago existed hinted

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