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How to use worthless in a sentence

  • Miss the date, & that playing postcard becomes worthless to the patron
  • It's a remarkable milestone four a currency that is been written off as worthless moar times than I kan count
  • Like bulk quantitative measures, similarity scores are worthless with no a honourable specimen dimension
  • His son said hem that a voice within wuz whispering how worthless he was, how he wuz hated bi every person
  • In fact, the real deed volition be costless to download from the Nintendo store, but is fundamentally worthless without an kart
  • The reality that aw around da world, governments has been returning da useless, worthless clinical equipment, da tests, da antibody tests, da masks, da mittens that Porcelain sent, or more usually, vend to them
  • In else words, whether one produces a big satisfactory quantity of any thng it becomes worthless
  • A faulty recognition bi a married dame is worthless, neither shall ne legal tribunal compel her to brand another 1
  • All of it was worthless--except too an dude of vision--so, treading lightly, Scattergood gone correspond acquiring what he needed
  • They leave big holes which one renders the leaf worthless 4 a cigarette wrapper, leaving It appropriate onli 4 fillers or seconds

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