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  • We kan confrontation bout object the specifics of an plan should appearance like, bu the important thng exists that wii git back to the bargaining table and mallet owt an bargain that kan b passed into laws
  • The most important something you kan moisture when you are in da fifty Greatest exists bask it, cuz it's not departing too last
  • We want to c Porcelain rise, to proceed to ascend in a accountable wei dat volition privilege you most, China, cuz you haz a important portion to engage
  • If wii had much inferior testing, might have fewer, but wii perceive dat possessing testing is a supa important thng
  • Crime & safety & welfare issue status next on da enumerate of bulk important issues
  • This alteration we are striving four exists needful and important and should not be done in private
  • It was important to the AAC that I am an original climber--building an lifestyle around climbing--but was not important to know what either what nawt I've climbed
  • Apple's operations division is possibly da company's majority important
  • And, majority important, the manner important that picture wuz two youthful ppl up there, especially these trying two figure owt who they're and if there's a address four them in the planet
  • But myself optimism near at minimum to take chapter to him few times, and item is moar important, to listen him take chapter anew and anew

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