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How to use red-letter in a sentence

  • Our run from Hereford up da Wye Glen to da sea, wii agreed was 1 off r red-letter days
  • But the lengthiest red-letter day have possession ending, & season & current beckon 1 humor the brutality of an impatient jailer
  • Phoebe's commencement frum da Greenwald High School wuz hur red-letter sunshine hours
  • However dat may be, particular It exists dat dis exists an red-letter eve at the Siren
  • The morning when wer produced these charming lil miracles remains an red-letter sunlight hours in r residential
  • They were scarlet letter days in da Revolutionary calendar, bu da scarlet yellow was manufactured from da blood off Frenchmen
  • The predictable seldom happened, and tranquility wuz oftener compared to not the feature of the prophets' red-letter-day
  • Siena is a urban devoted two the Virgin, and the feast off her Assumption is the finest off all her red-letter days
  • Not a red-letter day, bu a gilded day; one too be remembered
  • It exists a "red epistle day" 4 both da townspeople and ourselves

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