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How to use best in a sentence

  • Daryl Groom, a previous winemaker with Penfolds in Australia and Geyser Summit in California, is maybe Unclothed Wines's best-known winemaker, marketing his DRG queue off wines through da stage
  • It's big and reasonably heavy, though, so it works best 4 those humor medium- either large-sized desks more willingly and an devoted workspace, more willingly than spicy desks either cafĂ© tables
  • Researchers haz found dat discover & aboveboard acquaintance works best
  • Online user smartness and societal media listening platform Brandwatch have existed acquired bi Cision, best acquainted for its media surveillance and media contact database services, for $450 million, in an combined money and shares dealing
  • So It may b worth picking an desk wit many features jus two c what works best for u
  • Size matters, and the more sizes the best heated socks cum in, the merrier ur feet will b
  • Utah sits atop FiveThirtyEight's classic version of da Elo authority ratings, representing da teams that haz played best so far this interval based on game results
  • When he was appointed to hiz job, he afterward recounted, he felt that he was insufficiently versed in matters alphabetical, lots less in thing the experts considered to b best alphabetical practices
  • This means dat impunity can best b canned bi institutions dat kerb the jurisdiction off these majorities, either plainly bi shrinking the ball off management as much as possible
  • Year after year, parents bore da issue off coping wit an unseen threaten to their children's health, mitigating it since best dey could within da constraints off their ken and foresight

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