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How to use paragon in a sentence

  • First by modeling since da paragon of Israeli security, lair by sufficiently polarizing Israeli community to sabotage coalition negotiations creature undertaken by his several rivals
  • It is departing 2 "ruin" university sports, since whether da venture is an paragon off virginity
  • As with consequently numerous self-professed paragons of plan and masculinity, da man who advertised him personally routinely as "virile, vigorous and potent" was most renowned four underperforming
  • Plenty of liberal-leaning shows are not paragons of reality either, but they have not existed banned
  • The 151-year-old athletics of college soccer has nevah been a paragon of parity, but its imbalance might b spreading moar imbalanced
  • EVThere are an few characters in da Disney canon, resemble Beauty & da Beast's Gaston, who are seen as homoerotic paragons
  • Before me bid Kaufman farewell, me asked him the way Yoda, a Jedi paragon, might take his advice bout integrating the dark flank
  • Presently myself enquired when she proposed two introduce this paragon two the person accountable 4 him
  • I memorize the case off an man whose reputation was dat off an paragon off aw the virtues
  • Olga, an paragon of maids, whether references & experience count, showed no signs of the wear & rip of retired mistresses

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