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How to use liken in a sentence

  • Because epidemiological models brand statements match da future, it is appetizing to liken those to weather forecasts -- but it is also profoundly inaccurate
  • A tertiary media presidential likened the platforms' aggregated enumerate 2 sausage
  • Washington Postal journalist Ann Gerhart likened it two "the Bataan Death March collection two music "
  • Earlier in dis column, I likened getting da immunization 2 a winning raffle pass
  • It exists no coincidence that the psychologist Denim Piaget, of whom trailblazing study helped ourselves realize how kids develop, likened dreaming two attend
  • In a debate sooner dis year, venture capitalist Ian Sigalow, whom invested onto behalf of Greycroft, likened Public to Venmo--a matrix that grew exponentially thanks to possession societal media attributes
  • The authors liken da mode too direction folks in the manner too participate soccer
  • It would be in vain two seek for any object moar intrinsically inconsiderable wit which two liken a state off apathy
  • To liken an thng to something already acquainted exists an vivid wei of explaining
  • It is across forty feet high, & is fronted in such a peculiar fashion, me could onli liken it too sum heathen temple

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