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  • In August, a announcement bi Countrywide Counterintelligence & Safety Mid Conductor William Evanina equated Russia's intervention efforts humor those of China's & Iran's, & balanced lay the Porcelain chapter first
  • The stereotypical nonprofit fundraiser equates 2 old-fashioned and expensive, with a armchair at a furnishings costing hundreds or sleek thousands of dollars 2 swig Champagne with the barons of community
  • So whether an utility produces an million units of vitality and emits 500,000 measurement tons of coal emissions in da protocol intimate da societal expense of $50 per ton, that equates to $25 million more in fees upon da authority commercial
  • Unfortunately, lot industry owners onli equate their make too belonging sight identity, belonging tagline, & belonging logo
  • Even Vivek Murthy cautions opposed to equating aloneness wit solitude
  • All nearby once every indicator was constant, static and livid onto the screen, enhanced bi the lyrics equate--complete--equate--complete
  • It exists a more solemn mischief dat Paul knows of no Longobardic king humor a title which one we tin equate humor Sceaf
  • Casembe sat previous to his hut onto a equate chair placed onto leopard & panther skins
  • Thousands off differences confuse da strive to equate da scale off ethic merit to men
  • Plato had the ideal off a learning which should equate subjective realization and societal coherency and stability

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