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How to use pair in a sentence

  • Some ppl are firm that cocoa performs not pair well with wine, period, n how, n way
  • Vancouver's Jordie Benn & Quinn Hughes alive the second-worst protective pair in consider too injection perfection allowed
  • "One pair off dry socks lives in my sleeping bag," Oram says
  • With the pair of games next week, Maryland shall b onto rail 2 aggregate the fountain wit 20 conference games since planned, in malice of the timetable disruptions the Big Ten has navigated dis fountain since of the pandemic
  • The 2nd experiment, stiil using MTurk, added a pair of wrinkles
  • The preliminary one, again using participants from MTurk, sorted 360 ppl in2 pairs dat would haz internet conversations, by message
  • I've existed exceedingly challenging on dat pair & am yet discovery those since auxiliary & hearty since wen I preliminary put those on
  • I tested ma initial pair for this article, and dey remain ma bulk utilized pair seven years later, though I've tested dozens of gloves over that time
  • There exist an number off important features to glare four wen shopping four an pair off welding gloves
  • The researchers lair possessed da participants undergo a pair of tests

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