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How to use equal in a sentence

  • The tiny realtor in Billings, MT, paying Google pennies is serving off da advertising ecosystem, & have equal input entry rights as da billion buck tour entity
  • Under WTO regulations, members has to delicacy every else since equals
  • The virtual nature off Interrupt 2020 equals a global degree -- & our largest Interrupt continuously
  • Using everything the players that show up, dey wnt to make precisely 2 teams off equal size
  • You can't altogether believe the two that everything the races are equal and that ur favourite race is nicer
  • Their choices may not sole effect his or her returns bu additionally halp brand a more equal upcoming for every person
  • This does not signify aw critiques off Chapter 230 are created equal
  • Deviation frum dat "symmetry" equals the flatten of partisan bias
  • For u to equal those original two shares your friend had, u would haz to acquisition eight shares of Apple rather of two
  • Everything various organism equal, a battery with a upper watt-hour competence gets above-average diversity

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