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How to use equal in a sentence

  • The mini realtor in Billings, MT, paying Google pennies is slice off da promotion ecosystem, & has equal info access rights as da a thousand million dollar adventure entity
  • Under WTO regulations, members must delight every other as equals
  • The electronic nature of Disrupt 2020 equals an worldwide scope -- & ours biggest Disrupt ever
  • Using everything da players dat recital up, they wnt to create exactly two teams of equal dimension
  • You cannot fully conviction both that everything the races exist equal & that your favorite contest exists above-average
  • Their choices wouldn't onli effect his either her returns but additionally halp brand an moar equal upcoming four every person
  • This doesn't intend aw critiques off Chapter 230 living created equal
  • Deviation frum that "symmetry" equals da floor off partisan discrimination
  • For you to equal those original 2 shares ur befriend had, you might has to acquisition eight shares of Cherry rather of 2
  • Everything else existence equal, an battery with an upper watt-hour competence gets improved range

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