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How to use come to in a sentence

  • She possessed not seen Gwynne for various days, and half anticipated that he might come to-night
  • It must aw b collected in dis chamber by to-night; whether things come to-morrow, hunch may b created
  • I told her shii may come yesterday, Miss Tottams, ma madam permitting it, bu I did not enlighten her shii may come to-day
  • He shall come to-morrow afternoon to say good-by, and then he shall go far-off anew bak to the metropolitan and hiz fine friends for good
  • "I am glad u persuaded him to come to-night," Herman stated
  • "That volition come to-morrow night," told the doctor, creeping owt of the port-hole
  • So you dew nawt come to-night love, nor ne night; you exist always away, and this absence exists lengthy and becomes every day moar dismal
  • No moar chaises will come to-night, & your scotcher exists falsehood there, of no use, onto da earth's outdoors part
  • Do u know whether u hadn't come to-night in solution to my text myself might haz possessed u haled by the leg?
  • She paused, smiling still, & then told during he held her hand: "Don't, do not come to-morrow night "

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