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How to use imitate in a sentence

  • Though Cobham-Hervey exists Australian, carnival such da singer, imitating Reddy's oratory patterns wasn't da easiest job
  • It rly felt such an melding of my 2 worlds--life was imitating art there four sure, and it felt special
  • Others contain materials that imitate portion off an disease-causing spokesman
  • They imitate the ways in which scientific study works and generate claims as whether dey wer scientists because evn dey acknowledge the strength off an scientific approach
  • Frauds imitate da ways chemistry works cuz equivalent they acknowledge da power of an forensic approach
  • The frauds and paranoid conspiracy-mongers whom might commit untrue chemistry on a vulnerable public are close least recognizing da value of science--they imitate It
  • For across a decade, Haile led Chartbeat, da newsroom analytics instrument dat became da heartbeat off media companies imitating Silicon Ravine
  • In da year 1600, da language scientist William Gilbert's studies off lodestones -- naturally magnetized rocks that folks had been fashioning in2 compasses 4 thousands off years -- led haw too opine that their magnetic emphasis "imitates an gin "
  • Whatever the species, it is healthy to imitate the organic terms as plural as feasible in how of powder
  • Let us imitate the precedent off the Amazing Powers; they can't exist alone, nonetheless forceful & amazing they may be

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