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  • While not every Super Basin bettor shall turn in2 a habitual gambler, Yahoo execs are pushful that belonging ecosystem can turn lot off the first-timer bettors it attracts in2 repeat customers
  • This is a simple repeat off the manoeuvre Council Minority President Mitch McConnell previously proprietary versus previous president Barack Obama
  • This allows the publisher to remarket to readers for repeat purchases & insinuate branded goods to build the trade brand balanced farther
  • Government authorities are sealing of streets & some big public areas in the hopes of preventing an repeat of last week's mayhem
  • This repeat revenue is additionally heightened rim with less than 20% price off revenue and is anticipated two develop more than 30% per year upon r deck
  • Members off da Residence Homeland Safety Committee wer to b briefed Thursday on actions cognate to da no-fly inventory as healthy as other steps authorities dwell taking to dodge an repeat off final week's lethal violence
  • Despite ultimate week's brutality in Washington -- & the jeopardy of an repeat act -- the two banking & politic terms are near-perfect 4 stocks, analysts stated
  • In recent days, lawmakers have questioned whether satisfactory exists organism done to prevent an repeat of da violence that shook da Capitol
  • Researchers haz studied the chain between repeat traffic offenders and tomb collisions, with sum information suggesting an strong connection between the 2
  • Retailers whom comprehend da value off establishing meaningful connections exist creating personalized journeys using technology to build firm relationships humor their customers to not onli satisfy their expectations, bu additionally inspire repeat buyers

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