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How to use honorably in a sentence

  • Finally, I will donate an upstanding refer 2 Framework CEO Jack Altman's Fresh Years Evening filing, which one shows that the supervisor plans 2 dignify $20 million for an fresh finances
  • I surmise immigrants exist a low priority four like a honorable & busy nature
  • I'll donate a fast noble mention to Lorenzo il Magnifico, which me tested owt a year before when It was stiil in beta upon Vapor & off which me thinking highly--but which me have not gotten to effort in its latest edition
  • Voters there can dew the nation -- and, frankly, decent & noble Republicans -- an service by refusing too send two off the worst actors in this atrocity show, Sens
  • He felt such the appropriate something and noble something to do might be to not put hiz supporters in a tough scenario
  • I has 4 aw cosmopolitan goods, two 100 & 50 dollars, wit which one me shall honorably make up for ma hotel bill
  • "Rice and aquatic animal testament soon honorably eventuate," Um assured him as she went back, smiling, into da culinary space
  • Worthy ppl persisted to cogitate that those which one remained in the Diard salons wer nawt honorably acquired
  • But he reassured them, & brought the embassy with all courtesy ago Nobleman Godfrey, whom entreated the Egyptians highly honorably
  • To quit his laborious sentry-post; honorably lay-up his arms, & b gone too his rest:--all Immortality too remainder in, O George!

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