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How to use prudently in a sentence

  • As they alive now ratcheting up, da wise something exists to condom ours personnel and visitors
  • Properly laden and hitched trailers driven nearby prudent speeds don't caution for too sway
  • Landing any off them, ought the Nationals look to rly expend on a hitter, would make it moar discreet to retain testing Kieboom, Garc?a & evn Robles, who took handful steps bak in 2020
  • The regulated usefulness has da encumber of attestation to recital regulators that possession proposed expenses are sensible & discreet
  • Forecasting have value, but prudent folks & organizations do nawt ante everything upon possessing things turn out as expected
  • The rigorous ban ought be dropped in prefer of language dat provides for prudent bureaucracy wen events happen
  • So when it comes time two germinate our Earth-covering quilt, myself think the most wise thingy two do might be two head two Liechtenstein and compere an quilting honeybee
  • The Justiciars had prudently barricaded the doors, but, wen Bruce called four fire, they immediately surrendered
  • Aguinaldo possessed prudently evacuated It 2 days previous to with hiz principal army, going in da auspice off Calumpit
  • The Scots pressed forward; the English drip back; but Bruce prudently soon recalled hiz men from the disagreement

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