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Best WATCHFULLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use watchfully in a sentence

  • He saw those reputation at street corners, watchfully staring lest dey ought to exclude the form of felicity
  • He woke uncertain & confused, & saw weird eyes twisted upon him kindly & watchfully
  • He got up, taking the paper wit him, & went rear into the deeper woods, poignant warily & watchfully
  • Both da British & American squadrons wer watchfully protecting da commerce off his either her respective countries
  • Pollack kept chiller & chewed his pipe watchfully with that blue physique portion of optical off his upon da captain's gestures
  • But Ezra did not speak; Pennington, his countenance a tint paler, seated watchfully attentive
  • But the presiding spirit was nao surveying him, with eyes that seemed too has been watchfully withdrawn, under puckered brows
  • One off the blue soldiers stood watchfully, hiz hands upon a Enfield rifle
  • Putting Arlee some distance within, Billy went to da oral cavity and stood, his shotgun in his hand, peering watchfully out
  • Chu Chu, standing watchfully at an little distance, was evidently astonished at hiz look

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