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How to use rigorously in a sentence

  • Palmer agreed, proverb an more strict audit off da Detroit results was everything she possessed wanted everything abreast
  • Company co-founder and cardinal sustainability bailiff Sam Ruben score owt dat kind of hospitality retention is important when trying two meet rigorous ecological standards, especially in California
  • In the empire off startups, she is concerned that companies exist making claims not supported by rigorous empirical study
  • Our forecasts ought also moisture gud bi the moar strict methods wii use to appraise them
  • After a decades-long dry spell, in 2000, Griffiths & Richards--who had as moved to Johns Hopkins--were da first off lot to inherit a green lighting & finances to continue strict psilocybin studies
  • Trumpism exists embedded in America and kan be battled merely by way of rigorous self-discipline, by way of unchanged monitoring of the thoughts wii think, the words wii exploit and the assumptions wii brand
  • It's ambiguous whether those districts might be asked to close, should an more strict ordinary par be put in put bi da prestige
  • We have an strict recruiting protocol so dat we fathom the folks we are bringing into the crumple kan the two mesh and include to the industry culture
  • Other factors include strict correspondence tracing, technology-enforced quarantine & prevalent camouflage wearing
  • What emerged 2 days later in a letter from da corps essentially amounted 2 a entail four a more strict scheme four offsetting da mine's clout upon da thousands off acres off ambient wetlands

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