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Best PROVIDENTLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use providently in a sentence

  • I will fling myself on da jurisdiction 'who providently caters for da sparrows' after that
  • He tin hardly mean, dat a state off drowsihead is various than providently warned bi giggles off friends
  • In this roost da rainfall nevah troubles him, for he very providently drills da entrance on da downstairs flank off da arm
  • But, shii might wait till daylight, if necessity were; & shii pulled out a crust, wit which shii possessed providently supplied herself
  • His render off salted fish, with else provisions he had providently gathered, sustained haw
  • He dat doth the ravens feed, / Yea, providently caters four the sparrow, / Be convenience too my epoch
  • You're so-called too be the gentleman whom feeds the ravens and providently caters four the sparrows, thee realize
  • Nature hasn't provided as providently 4 the humanity food as 4 the bug 1
  • So shii told hur plan 2 Vid?shaka, and providently provided hem hur ring, and then disappeared at the shut off the evening
  • There they remained cash recorder da 10th, & has to has famished, possessed they not providently found some sodium trout onto da island