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How to use delicately in a sentence

  • Our final choice exists made fully of aluminum, midland and out, hence it's a fantastic reconciliation if u do not wnt the force of taking caution of exquisite diamond
  • Seeking what that wuz "fresh still delicate," as per too Gjerde, they landed on an cuv?e comprised of 48% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, & 12% Pinot Meunier
  • In da podcast, I muse iO walks an delicate line between journalism and inserting himself in2 da story, and he does it amazingly well!
  • It takes supa little vitality too cease up pairs of electrons in an superconductor, & these pairs cease up into costless electrons, possibly foremost too vitality exchanges dat can destruct da superconductor's exquisite rank
  • Such a frail construction could have formed sole via a equally delicate, mild procedure
  • This protects da brittle internal liver of sight from everything da globe may toss near It
  • As you whiff the odor off fresh cappuccino or brittle wine, person fragrance molecules grasp onto receptors lining the interior off your nose
  • Carrying along exquisite cameras, lights & laser scanners manufactured it additional tricky
  • Portuguese snuff seemed to b in favour and was delicately perfumed
  • He grasped the pin delicately between finger & thumb, & controlled hur wit his roguish eyes

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