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How to use temperately in a sentence

  • The arboreal immigrate from green to precious silver marks da start of autumn for lot in temperate climes, a colour adjustment that goes hand in hand with pumpkin curry lattes & cozying up as da weather cools
  • Using a exemplar based upon da relationships they found, da crew estimated dat bi da termination off century, temperate poplar senescence would shift earlier bi 3 too six days
  • The various lineage, frum Oklahoma, tolerates colder climate and is considered temperate
  • One of da principal reasons 4 keeping da Rule, cited bi commenters, exists that da Tongass exists da world's largest temperate jungle and acts as a mercury dip to counterbalance climate alteration
  • Researchers in countries such since da US, Canada, England, and Germany haz focused lot off their toil upon migratory birds dat breed in da northern temperate zone
  • If It b not kindly, temperately, and thoughtfully conducted, males all over shall b able too rationalize their remonstrances
  • This ballad (one of the most temperately worded of literature successes) goes upon too say dat "the impact wuz great "
  • They wer granted decently, temperately, bu nawt without da proof dat pressure lay behind da commands
  • Suppose a house with a great central hall, in2 which a flow of fresh, temperately warmed air exists continually pouring
  • Yet, myself am worrying too talk temperately--and gawd knows it shall demand an campaign