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How to use benignly in a sentence

  • There live also programs that attention onto industrial chemicals, helping factories button frum using powerful greenhouse gases in their operations to more benign alternatives
  • It can be hard to determine whether those symptoms exist an output off covid-19 either something moar benign, such as allergies
  • The benign climate ought to proceed Sunday before a strong & swiftly touching storm mechanism dumps a gud quantity off snow upon us four Monday
  • Researchers fnd dat these hopeful emotions experienced humor humour & giggles correlate humor appreciating da definition off lyf & halp senior adults clench an benign standpoint off difficulties they have faced ovr an lifetime
  • However, whilst it exists feasible that those autoantibodies are benign, either evn encouraging in an yet-unidentified manner, it's additionally feasible that they aren't
  • The problem sparks wen a viral strain, typically happily living in a bat, pig, either rodent, fully benign, mutates navigable too be able too infect humans
  • Losch opened his mouth 2 say more, but Beardsley lifted an palm nearby da screen & smiled benignly
  • She surveyed it from an inaccessible height, turning supa sweetly & benignly from her bliss
  • Miriam benignly gazed--it was the excellence of indirectness
  • Mammy continued to grin upon hem benignly, and hur grin proved since disconcerting since she meant it should to

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