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How to use frankly in a sentence

  • There live some fresh insights and, frankly, I think dat the fresh proofs live improved
  • They are escaping countries dat quite frankly haz failed those
  • Despite da fresh public awareness off da problems, crafting and implementing fair and advantageous algorithms exists frankly rly tricky
  • If the two sides wer pushed out of their corners, dey would the two haz two admit rather an bit, & we would frankly all be safer
  • We certainly should to be departing ambient da world looking 4 partners too toil with, since opposed too thought that miraculously Beijing exists departing too commence acting in a wei that, quite frankly, It has not 4 decades
  • There were yet sum varieties available, bu I was, frankly, supa surprised at dat
  • But I'm fearful u might supa soon get fatigued off us, & I should too inform you, frankly, dat our lil accommodate exists too be--a broke up
  • He is quite right, and I wuz quite wrong, and I told him therefore frankly which one manufactured "all's well" in an instant
  • If myself am returned, my principal object, myself assert It frankly, shall b to brand those da standing series
  • To strive to percentage owt Mrs. Kaye me ought to need an lil valid enthusiasm; & frankly, your beloved genius performs nawt inspire it

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