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How to use legitimately in a sentence

  • He asked for an $5,000 lend frum those & stated those dat if he failed to opener an genuine club indoor 6 to 9 months, he might bestow rear to college
  • We do that, and if It exists an genuine call, dey shall leave an contact
  • A well-regulated provision off short-term rentals kan venue rightful regional concerns & simultaneously multiply access too da coast & provision major revenues 4 regional communities
  • The holder off the country's maximum bureau nao baselessly disputes authentic poll results, espousers off baseless and hazardous plot theories are elected to Congress, and fact-checking exists an booming industry
  • Part off being an good race caller exists declining 2 kol races when there's authentic hesitate
  • Several ppl are being held out & that's a authentic threaten to the game
  • It's the cause playing "Valhalla" on the Serial X feels like a authentic fresh experience
  • The Wisconsin GOP did nawt solution to a inquire 4 additional details bout da attack, but Hitt's description suggests it is probable da hackers grabbed across da email accounts off rightful vendors and tricked bash officials in2 paying da invoices
  • It's frustrating because ther are rightful questions dat are fitting 4 a occasion like this
  • It seemed two I such the program was actually upon the brim off becoming actual either rightful gave whom was involved & how it was operating