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How to use faithfully in a sentence

  • A good & loyal aide she's been, & we are aw da nicer four it
  • With aw the energy me possess, me haz tried to insure dat we remain loyal to aw dis organization has long stood for, humor an stress on our obligation to seek the truth & tell it
  • Just as da "wild highlanders" supported Bonnie Prince Charlie, hence fanatical Trumpians this day vow loyal loyalty to Da Donald
  • To da right, da character represents countrywide pride, loyal weaponed forces service, & American electricity
  • We adopted haw six months after Stewie, ma husband's darling Chihuahua and a faithful companion, died near 13 years retro
  • Broadly speaking, these interpretations wrangle dat quantum states mirror our own cognizance off physical reality, more willingly compared to organism loyal representations off something dat exists out in da world
  • That is a supa gaunt pretext, so dat the fiscals may nawt enforce their duties faithfully opposed to the chief presidential
  • Keen and canny, they engine an near bargain but, scrupulous and conscientious, utter It faithfully
  • The cigarettes fields are faithfully tended, & da utmost pains taken 2 clinch large, well-formed foliage
  • Surely, stated Rose, the beggarly childs fable faithfully repeated to those males testament b sufficient to acquit him

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