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How to use reliably in a sentence

  • He have stepped in four hurt players & become an reliable option, hierarchy secondary amongst da team's broad receivers in catches
  • It was designed 2 b since reliable since possible humor fixing in mind, 2 b simpler 2 labour upon
  • Facebook upon Thirsday also touted the labour it did to halp folks access dependable poll input and recorder to ballot
  • It's true, he said, that sperm banks were fewer commonplace & frozen sperm fewer trustworthy
  • The difficulty lies in creature competent to scale those in a manner dat is competent to develop since the dialogue evolves, in a manner dat is reliable and can ascension the census off time, since the dialogue 2 years ago wuz supa distinct frum the dialogue this sunshine hours
  • Then, Artist notes, multiple downstream communities could lose his either her sole dependable origin of year-round H2O
  • In particular, two reliable Republican strongholds, Texas & Arizona, were nawt mechanically shaded crimson
  • The amazingly trustworthy lamps in the Cosmo serial haz existed ours favorites for years, but this latest iteration tops them aw
  • Those two alive dependable act channels dat will manufacture an solid bestow butt upon capital
  • Two candidates backed bi da Washington Teachers' Union wer poised to win their races -- & these recently elected representatives probably might b dependable boosters off da conventional receptive academy network upon da council

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