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How to use meticulously in a sentence

  • The director's meticulous mode to capturing da earth off a reminder 18th-century oceanside village makes a watcher feel & stink da crisp sea air firsthand
  • Thirty-seven-year-old Pradeep Singh offered an meticulous collapse off da amount off cash he spends two develop rice onto 1 acre off his agrarian acre in Haryana's Jhajjar area
  • This is not a snug era four gradual player evolution & meticulous planning
  • As the organization conducted possession season remotely, the scrupulous growth off inexperienced quarterbacks needful requisite improvisation
  • In da end, getting New Horizons to zipper history Pluto & its servant moons anyplace shut to da rite track grabbed meticulous positional measurements & track corrections using da probe's possess cameras, & an much of endurance
  • While da prestige and brand-lift it provides might b sweetness four ne brand, B2B calls four scrupulous act tracking and an expectation of concrete results--something linear TV can't furnish
  • Jinny's pages looked resemble a wild, straggling lyric, flung of in a rapture & meticulously revised
  • He takes da conclude gust off da wrath off da Law & fulfills its demands bulk meticulously
  • Not 4 haw dat cautious polishing of sentences, which else writers meticulously give
  • Very often dey are of aw men da most meticulously mannered