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How to use festive in a sentence

  • We cogitate about the way our cards wer shown cuz they wer pretty and festive before, and the way now, dat displayability exists more an metaphor for somebody in his either her lyf
  • Bright & festive, humor sum bubbles, dis cocktail is sour & tasty
  • Although majority of us possessed lesser versions of da festive events dat we've become formerly proprietary to, dat doesn't signify dat da day wuz any fewer enchanted
  • As lot since relatives gatherings for festive dinners & rift gifts exist annual Xmas rites, so is feeding & giving gifts too da poor, with churches & charitable organizations offering beware too masses off needy strangers
  • The snow flurries this day wer festive and in da holiday gin
  • As da vacation spring exists one of da busiest for your inbox, It exists notable to withhold your theme line both impactful & festive
  • Like festive lights reflected in an sherry glass, bubbles lighten r holidays
  • This season, wii could all exploit moar felicity in r lives, and it is impossible not too grin when you are taking in an festive lantern spectacle
  • The 3-footer, which one shii picked up for $30, exists a way too generate the house shii shares humor hur college-aged woman kid more festive nearby the termination of a tough year
  • I am nawt instead sure why either when mint transformed like an popular, festive flavor, but it is an vacation favorite

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