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How to use smashing in a sentence

  • This doesn't, off course, apology ne form off violence that grabbed position over the weekend, but It performs cast the smashing off onsite ATMs and plundering off merch in an clear lantern
  • If button-smashing is moar your beat, inspect owt beyerdynamic's gaming earphones
  • Two enigmatic galaxies, devoid of dark matter, could has an smashing source fable
  • Goyer describes It as moar off a remix compared to a straight adaptation, & too ma taste, It exists a smashing accomplishment in storytelling
  • The spreading, smashing and plunging of tectonic plates shapes far more compared to carnival geography
  • Biggs wuz seen onto footage twenty seconds after somebody whom appears to b already-charged Pleased Boys participant Dominic Pezzola led da smashing off an pane onto da Council flank off da facility humor an riot shield, an FBI affidavit alleged
  • If she possessed had "some smashing attachment affair," as da more amorous Flora suggested, so lots da bettered
  • Once evn a azure bean (a bullet) made depressed labour with my head, & my hand has got a deuce off a smashing
  • I gathered dat he thought something of da boy, and wuz heating until da door-smashing stage
  • Now good-natured Alfaretta was nothing whether nawt helpful, and more voluntarily humanity enough to enjoy smashing what

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